The International Conference on Educations, Business and Economics Development (Malaysia, Langkawi), 27 - 28 February 2019

Educations Business Economics
Teaching for social change

Teaching for social awareness

Early childhood education

Experimental education

Equity in education

Social and emotional teaching and learning

Education for sustainability

Environmental awereness teaching and learning

Education and Teaching in the information age

Teaching for creative and critical thought

Psychology, teaching and learning

Personalized learning

Gender and education

Teacher education

Healthy learning/teaching culture

Teaching current world events awareness

Extra-curricular activities for social awareness

Education/teaching for inclusivity

New pedagogic paradigms

New tools for teaching

Multilingual education

Learning for employment

Teaching for entrepreneurship

Environmental awareness teaching

Mobility in education and teaching

Educational policies and strategies

Platforms for teaching

Special Education


Autonomous learning

Cooperative learning and teaching

Learning and competitivity

Learning, teaching and videogames

Technologic educative ecosystems

I+D+i indicators in Educative innovation and quality

Virtual labs


Emerging technologies for teaching and learning

Web 2.0/3.0 in learning (social networks, semanthics)

Relationship between Society/Organizations and Cybernetics/Cyber-


Information Society Technologies

Impact of Informatics and Cybernetics on Societies and Cultures

Innovations in e-Learning

Best Practices in Multimedia-based Education

Technology-moderated Training Approaches

Social Impact of Technology-driven Education

International Cooperation in ICT and/or Engineering Education

TablAdvertising, Sales Promotion and Public relations

Business and Economics

Business and Sustainable Development

Business Economics and Management Science

Business Ethics

Business Law

Climate Change: Causes and Impacts on Business

Consumer Behavior

Corporate Finance and Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility

Digital Marketing

Direct ad Event Marketing

E-Business and E-Commerce


Finance and Investment

Industrial Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications

International Business Context

International Marketing Management

International Trade

Marketing Channels & Strategic Sales Force Management

Marketing Management

Research Marketing

Research Marketing Strategy

Research Philosophy and Practice

Rural Marketing

Services Marketing

Strategic Brand Management

Strategic Business Sustainability

Sustainable Marketing

The Entrepreneurial Challengee

TableBanking and Finance

Business and Economics

Competitive Strategy

Corporate Finance and Governance

Corporate Strategy

Economic Policy



Finance and Investment

Financial Analysis

Financial Economics

Globalization and Labor Market

Human Resource Management

Intellectual Property Strategy & Management

Leadership and Management Development

Management of R&D and Product

Managing Diversity in Business


Operations Management

Project Management

Strategic Management

Strategies for Managing Supply Chains

Supply Chain Risk and Adaptation

Sustainability Economic Development and Climate Change

Technology and Operational Management

Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth

Work, Culture & Organizations